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What You Will Need:

  1. Common solvents - acetone, mineral spirits or kerosene
  2. Soap & Water
  3. Shop rags

Cosmoline Removal

If you've received a shipment with items protected with Cosmoline and are wondering how to remove it, you've come to the right place! Cosmoline removal is a pretty simple procedure, but it helps to have the right supplies to complete the job properly.


If the metal that is coated with Cosmoline contains paint DO NOT use solvents to remove the Cosmoline. Solvents will also remove the paint.

The best way to remove Cosmoline is by using a common solvent such as acetone, mineral spirits or kerosene. The solvent can be applied with a clean shop rag or the item can be soaked in the solvent. Use your best judgement to avoid damaging your items.

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If a solvent is unavailable or not recommended because paint is present, you can also use soap and water to remove the Cosmoline.

Have more questions about Cosmoline removal? Just contact us! We'll be happy to help.