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Whether you're looking for an industrial lubricant, rust preventative or corrosion inhibitor, Schafco Packaging carries a variety of products to suit your needs for both home and industrial applications. Each product is specifically formulated for maximum performance. Choose a product below or check out our comparison chart to see some of the product features side by side!


Looking for the original Cosmoline? This formulation is the closest product to the original Cosmoline on the market today and has all the great benefits of the original Cosmoline in a thin, fluid-type formulation that is easy to apply.

product cosmoline


The one lubricant that will handle all the tough jobs in your shop! Cleans and protects all metals with a colorless, thin film. Perfect to loosen and penetrate rusted parts, drive out moisture, stop squeaks and free sticky mechanisms.

product cosmoline aerosol


The ultra tough, heavy wax rust preventive and corrosion inhibitor, Weathershed Aerosol provides long-term indoor and outdoor rust proofing protection. Excellent for steel and other metals. Great corrosion inhibitor in salt-laden atmospheres.

weathershed product

Rust Veto

Designed for applications where drying time is paramount, Rust Veto dries in just 15 minutes, leaving a waxy, transparent coating of protection. Great for firearms, precision parts, dies, hardware, power machinery, sporting goods, auto parts and much more.

rust veto product

Tapping Oil

The perfect machining aid for ferrous metals, Cutmax Tapping Oil speeds cutting, reduces wear and breakage and provides a fine finish. Works best for machining, threading, tapping, drilling, milling, crush grinding and broaching of all ferrous metals.

product cutmax

Metal Lubricant

Designed for drilling, tapping and forming aluminum and other non-ferrous metals, this lubricant reduces friction, creating better finishes to closer tolerances and extends tool and die life with no chip pickup.

nonferrous product


The perfect all-purpose release agent and lubricant, Super Silicone reduces friction wear and sticking on moving parts, eliminates build-up and stops squeaks. Safe for automotive, industrial, marine and home use including locks, latches, hinges, valves, pulleys, tracks and linkage.

product sillicone

Not sure which product is right for your needs? Take a look at our convenient comparison chart to compare typical uses for each product.