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Schafco Packaging is a leading contract packaging manufacturer based in Lancaster, PA. For over 50 years, Schafco has been handling custom packaging for companies worldwide, producing a variety of industrial, household, automotive and motorsports products. They've also been packaging their Cosmoline aerosol products for Houghton International since 1958. In 2004, Schafco became the exclusive distributor for the Cosmoline aerosol line and has since begun marketing these products to distributors and the general public.

Schafco wanted to set up a separate website to capitalize on the Cosmoline brand more effectively and offer their line of Cosmoline products for sale online. EZMarketing developed a brand concept for the new website and put together a design using bold graphics and modern design elements. Schafco's complete product line is showcased on the home page so customers can get to the product they most need quickly and easily. EZMarketing also added a shopping cart with easy-to-understand purchase options and explanations to make ordering simple. Finally, the website was optimized for a variety of keywords to encourage traffic from the search engines.

This site's web design, search engine optimization services and hosting is provided by EZMarketing. If you encounter any problems while visiting this website, please contact EZMarketing using the information provided below. Questions about Schafco's Cosmoline line of products can be answered by calling 717-687-7017.


111 Centerville Rd.
Lancaster, PA 17601
Phone: (717) 291-4689