NonFerrous Metal Lubricant


Quantity Aerosol – 12 cans per case Gallon case – 4 gallons per case 5 Gallon pail
1 - 3 $90 $232 $260
4 - 9 $87 $228 $255
10 - 19 $84 $224 $250
20 + $81 $220 $245
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  • Ideal for aluminum
  • No chip pickup
  • Reduces coefficient of friction
  • Extends tool and die life
  • Assures better finishes to closer tolerances
  • Contains NDTM additive

Where to Buy NonFerrous Metal Lubricant

We offer this product throughout the United States, however it may not be available to be shipped to certain areas of California based on zip code. NonFerrous Metal Lubricant is only available for ground shipping and cannot be shipped by air or expedited methods.

Additional Information

Typical uses: Drilling, tapping and forming aluminum and other non‐ferrous metals.

NonFerrous Metal Lubricant is designed to be used on non‐ferrous metals, if you are working with a ferrous metal please consider Cosmoline Cutmax Tapping Oil.

Environmental Regulations

SCAQMD Rule 1144: This product exceeds voc concentrations set by SCAQMD as determined by test method ASTM E1868-10 and cannot be used as a metal working fluid or as a direct contact lubricant in California’s SCAQMD region as per rule 1144.