Cosmoline Aerosol Multi-Use Maintenance Spray


Quantity Aerosol Case – 12 cans per case Gallon Case – 4 gallons per case 5 Gallon pail
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20 + $138 $420 $495
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“The one lubricant that will handle all the tough jobs in your shop.”
Petroleum‐based lubricant, moisture retardant, cleaner, and in‐process rust preventative

  • Cleans and protects all metals with a colorless thin film
  • Cleans gunky, greasy, and grimy parts and surfaces
  • Loosens and penetrates rusted parts
  • Drives out Moisture
  • Frees Sticky Mechanisms
  • Stops Squeaks
  • Provides in-process rust prevention
  • Good for moving parts
  • Easily applied by spraying or by dipping and with brush, roller
  • Can be used as a short term anti rust spray, but is not suitable for long-term rust prevention.

Where to Buy Cosmoline Aerosol Multi-Use Maintenance Spray

Cosmoline Aerosol Multi-Use Maintenance Spray is available for sale throughout the United States, however this product may not be available to be shipped to certain areas of California based on zip code. Cosmoline Aerosol Multi-Use Maintenance Spray is only available for ground shipping and cannot be shipped by air or expedited methods.

Additional Information

Cosmoline Aerosol is a Multi-Use Maintenance Spray and is not designed as a rust preventive.

Does not dry completely.

Not recommended for painted surfaces because product may remove paint.

Application Instructions:

Easily applied by spraying, dipping, brushing or rolling.

Environment Regulations

SCAQMD Rule 1144: This product exceeds voc concentrations set by SCAQMD as determined by test method ASTM E1868‐10 and cannot be used as a metal working fluid or as a direct contact lubricant in California’s SCAQMD region as per rule 1144.