“Original Cosmoline”
Rust Veto 342


Quantity Gallon case - 4 gallons per case 5 Gallon pail
1 - 3 $520 $600
4 - 9 $516 $595
10 - 19 $512 $590
20 + $508 $585
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Industrial Grade Cosmoline
Long term outdoor rust preventive

If you’ve been wondering where to buy Cosmoline, you’re in the right place. Though the original grease formulation of Cosmoline is no longer available, you can buy the newest Cosmoline formulation right here. This formulation is the closest product to the original Cosmoline on the market today and is manufactured by the original manufacturer. This latest formulation has all the great benefits of the original Cosmoline in a thin, fluid-type formulation that is easy to apply.

Product Features

  •  A thin fluid type rust preventive that leaves an amber, translucent, waxy dry film
  • Protects Iron and steel from rust for lengthy storage indoor and outdoor
  • Unparalleled protection for steel against high humidity, salt spray and outdoor weathering
  • Film won’t crack or flow from – 40º F to 175º F
  • Numbers and letters can be clearly seen through the film once the solvent has evaporated
  • Low-odor
  • Rapid drying permits handling of parts shortly after application which expedites process flow and packaging
  • Chloride free

Where to Buy “Original Cosmoline” – Rust Veto 342

“Original Cosmoline” – Rust Veto 342 is available for sale throughout the United States, however, this product may not be available to be shipped to certain areas of California based on zip code. “Original Cosmoline” – Rust Veto 342 is only available for ground shipping and cannot be shipped by air or expedited methods.

Additional Information

“Original Cosmoline” – Rust Veto 342 is a thin fluid type product, not a grease.

Not recommended for painted surfaces because product may remove paint.

This protective coating must be removed before welding because it contains metallic soaps which interfere with welding. The protective coating must also be removed before painting, as paint does not adhere to it.

Application Instructions

Surface must be free from any dirt, debris, dust, water, oil or rust before product is applied. Applying this product before the surface is properly cleaned may cause rust to form. After application product must be allowed to completely dry before being wrapped or packaged for storage, not allowing for proper drying time may cause rust to form.

Easily applied with brush, roller, industrial sprayer or by dipping.

Environmental Regulations

SCAQMD Rule 1144: This product exceeds voc concentrations set by SCAQMD as determined by test method ASTM E1868-10 and cannot be used as a metal working fluid or as a direct contact lubricant in California’s SCAQMD region as per rule 1144.